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Advanced Police Composite Sketching 

Advanced Police Composite Sketching (ADV PCS)

Composite Sketches Mancusi

This advanced workshop offers a comprehensive training program that is tailored to meet the needs of seasoned forensic artists. My program offers challenging assignments that are designed to test your skills and move you to a new level, covering topics such as race change and developing session strategies. You will learn to cultivate new solutions for descriptive terminology and receive personalized feedback that is predicated on the professional level required to be a successful forensic artist.

Duration: 40 Hours of training over a 4 week period
Number of Assignments:10
Cost: $795.

Note for ADV/SP PCS Applications: When completing the application, you do not need to send any support materials or answer the questions on the application. Just print your pertinent information, sign the application and send with the proper payment.

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