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Forensic Art and Artist's Other Artwork

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Age Progression Portfolio Link

Age Progression

Image Modification

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Image Modification is a forensic art technique. It is used to enhance or modify a subject's image for the purpose of age progression, age regression, and/or updating the subject. My technique can be applied to many scenarios beyond law enforcement to include entertainment and news media as well as an individuals personal needs as illustrated in this portfolio.

Portfolio of Facial Reconstructions

Facial Reconstruction

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The goal of Facial Reconstruction is to recreate the facial features of unidentified deceased persons or skeletal human remains. Through a combination of sketching or digital rendering, I produce an approximation of the subject's appearance when they were alive. These images are invaluable for identification and historical insight.

Portfolio of Composite Sketches

Police Composite Sketching

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Police composite sketching are drawings from a victim's or witness's description of an unknown person. Though generally used by law enforcement to identification a wanted suspect, my techniques can be applied to many unrelated scenarios to include entertainment and news media, private companies as well as individual personal needs as illustrated in this portfolio

Portfolio Facial Comparisons

Facial Comparison

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As a forensic artist for over 30 years, I have developed a deep understanding of the human face. This skill is paramount for facial comparison, a process that involves analyzing a known subject's photograph with an unknown subject's photograph. My technique helps to determine if they are the same individual. This portfolio showcases these skills in this area.

Portfolio of Court Displays

Demonstrative Evidence

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As a forensic artist, I specialize in creating demonstrative evidence that can add clarity to your legal or investigative strategy. From diagrams to 3D animations, my work will accurately depict the circumstances of your case. Check out this portfolio for inspiration and see how your case  can present in a powerful new light.

Portfolio of Artwork link

Other Artwork and Illustration

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This portfolio contains other artwork and illustrations. There are a variety of mediums, styles and subjects that can be applied to fit your company and personal needs. For commissions projects all work will go beyond expectations and meet your appointed deadlines. Please check it out.

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