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Police Composite Sketch Hit

"The Psycho Straphanger Case"
"That's Him!"

The following excerpt is from my book,  The Police Composite SketchIn this section, I showcase a successful police composite sketch case, highlighting my standard operating procedure and basic concepts for conducting a composite session. These techniques have been honed over years of experience and have proven effective in countless cases. I invite you to read The Police Composite Sketch to learn more about my police sketching technique.

Police Sketch Case
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Working Case Study: "In the spring of 1989, there was a case in Queens, New York. Queens is a borough in New York City. It was dubbed the “Psycho Straphanger” by the police. We will explore the general composite session procedure as it relates to this working case study. The session particulars will be conveyed from start to finish in its entirety. Intermittently referencing other composite sketch cases that might illustrate a particular premise better, generally the “Psycho Straphanger” case was a standard composite session. The circumstances of this case are as follows. This perpetrator would randomly stare down his victim, mostly men, while on a subway train. He would attack his victims with his fist, a pipe or knife. The incidents would be brutal. The suspect would leave his victims bloody on the floor of the subway car. In most of the instances the victims sustained serious injuries. The last incident for this case had occurred in June, 1989. The squad decided to have a composite sketch prepared with this last victim. Once it is determined a composite sketch would be helpful, the detective called the Artist Unit to make an appointment. Time is always of the essences and appointments are made within a timely fashion. However, the needs of the victim or witnesses schedule and other investigative procedures are accommodated. As standard procedure, almost all the victims and witnesses are accompanied to the composite session by the detective assigned to the case..."

Police Sketch Hit
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