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Composite Sketch Case Study

The Britt Lapthorne Missing Person Case

Lapthorne Image
Britt Lapthorne
composite sketch
Composite Sketch

Britt Lapthorne a 21 year old female backpacker and student from Melbourne, Australia went missing in Croatia after a night of partying back in September, 2008. Her body was recovered three week later in the sea in Croatia. It is believed. She was abducted and killed by members of gang. What actually happened nobody knows.

In February, 2009 the Australian television company 7 Network uncovered new developments in this investigation. They aired the new evidence on "Sunday Night" a TV news program. Upon the networks request, a composite sketch of a possible Croatian gang member was prepared by Stephen Mancusi from another female victim. This attempted incident that occurred near the same nightclub that Britt went missing could be related to Britt's case. The following was also reported:

"This is one of the key suspects in the disappearance and death of Melbourne back-packer Britt Lapthorne.
The man whose face appears in this forensic sketch has been identified by two other backpackers as one of the members of a gang of men who tried to abduct them in separate incidents around the nightclub where Britt disappeared in Dubrovnik, Croatia. One girl escaped after jumping out of a moving taxi."

"A GANG has been preying on young women around the Dubrovnik nightclub where Britt Lapthorne disappeared.
Explosive new findings reveal a series of abduction attempts on foreign women before and after Britt died, involving men who claimed to be undercover police.
Two victims from separate incidents have identified the same attacker through a forensic sketch."

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